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Movement ATtention is devoted to providing high quality services that focus on reducing musculoskeletal aches and pains to help people move pain free during activity, sport, and physically demanding jobs. Christine strives to provide every client with the most comprehensive individualized movement care available in a professional, efficient, and compassionate manner. Additionally, Movement ATtention aims to provide clients with education and materials on how to best take care of their body after an appointment. 

Approach to Care

The assessments and techniques I incorporate require minimal effort from my clients and we always use pain as a boundary. I will assess an area, treat, and assess again to see if there is a change in pain, how movement occurs, and/or function. I work with the framework that the body’s first priority is to protect itself and everything is connected. If we address the areas the body is protecting first then pain can decrease and movement abilities can be restored. 

To do this, I use two systematic approaches to address the body in a holistic manner. The first is to assess restrictions or limitations to the central nervous system and fascia surrounding the organs. Once these are addressed, I work with the second system to identify and address various muscular imbalances acting on the spine and pelvis. Then I address restrictions and dysfunctions found in the upper and lower limbs.

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